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Responsive Recaptcha

RSForms Pro has a built in plugin for using recaptcha.  RSForms Pro version 1.4 includes a responsive layout.


However, the included recaptcha plugin is not responsive. In our opinion, recaptcha spam protection is critical for forms, unless you want to spend your day deleting emails and then clearing the submissions in the Joomla backend.

August 19 2013
Written by

Komento and Akeeba Admin Tools Reply to comment conflict

Akeeba Admin Tools does a great job securing our client's joomla websites. Komento is our current go-to commenting extension since it integrates with Joomla articles and K2 items.

However, we have found that Akeeba Admin Tools is doing too good of a job and actually preventing Komento's "AJAX" calls when a post is being made.

July 17 2013
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K2 table-like list in category view

Our client,, has thousands of products for sale.  They all have many specification that users are searching for.  Therefore we wanted to show those specs in a table-like list.  We opted to use k2 and create a custom k2 sub-template override to display the k2 items and there respective extra fields in a columned list in the category layout view.  

May 02 2013
Written by

Responsive Joomla Web Design

Modernmagic focuses on responsive web design in order to give our clients the best bang for their buck.

April 11 2013
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