No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA not responsive

Are you surprised that google's No Captcha is not responsive?  Google continually pushes for mobile/responsive website but they fail to make their recaptcha responsive.  Here is a workaround...

Why choose Joomla 3 over Joomla 2.5

We had a client that came to us, in Feburary 2014, wanting a Joomla 2.5 site.  We prefer to build all our new sites in the most current version of Joomla.  At this time, Joomla 3.2 is the latest version.  Here is what we found...

Responsive Recaptcha

RSForms Pro has a built in plugin for using recaptcha.  RSForms Pro version 1.4 includes a responsive layout.


However, the included recaptcha plugin is not responsive. In our opinion, recaptcha spam protection is critical for forms, unless you want to spend your day deleting emails and then clearing the submissions in the Joomla backend.

Komento and Akeeba Admin Tools Reply to comment conflict

Akeeba Admin Tools does a great job securing our client's joomla websites. Komento is our current go-to commenting extension since it integrates with Joomla articles and K2 items.

However, we have found that Akeeba Admin Tools is doing too good of a job and actually preventing Komento's "AJAX" calls when a post is being made.

K2 table-like list in category view

Our client,, has thousands of products for sale.  They all have many specification that users are searching for.  Therefore we wanted to show those specs in a table-like list.  We opted to use k2 and create a custom k2 sub-template override to display the k2 items and there respective extra fields in a columned list in the category layout view.  

iPhoto to Flickr to K2

The Apple Macintosh K2 Image Gallery Workflow.  

Zipping image sets are for Windows users.  Lets get out of the 90's. Apple's iPhoto software now integrates with Flickr.... and K2 Image Gallery can display Flickr images.... see where I'm going with this?  

K2 Edit Item Link missing on Rockettheme Gantry Templates

I can't believe how this question is plastered all over the k2 and rockettheme forums.  The solution was too easy.... so maybe it will mess something up. 

Akeeba Site Transfer Wizard to Hostgator Reseller

We like to set up the new account and transfer the old site into the new account before we change the DNS settings.   Unfortunately, Hostgator does not allow Akeeba's Site Trasnfer Wizard to funstion without an actual domain name on the new account.

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