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Joomla 3.4.6 released to address four reported security vulnerabilities

This is to remind you that as part of your ongoing management, we are constantly updating and upgrading the software used to run your website.

Along with an average of 3-12 minor updates per month, an important security patch was released for joomla on December 14th.  This was critical enough to force updates to all joomla versions going back to j1.5 of 2008.  The vast majority of modernmagic’s clients were already on version 3.4.5

Joomla Version 3.4.6 was released to address four reported security vulnerabilities and includes security hardening of the user password reset system.

All sites were easily updated yesterday.  In addition, all sites are backed up daily onto 2 separate remote servers.

If you notice any unusual functionality on your website, please contact us immediately. 


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