Goodwin Robbins

This site has thousands of products for sale.... so its taking a while to input them all.

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Project Details

  • Joomla  3 and K2
  • Each product on the site can be "featured" in the home page slide-show
  • All pages have SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs.
  • All images are linkable and have built in enlarged images that appear in pop-up windows.
  • The K2 items have a custom layout that lists them in a psuedo table/spreadsheet feel.

Common Objectives

Goodwin Robbins has an existing Joomla 1.5 site that is in need of cleanig up.  The existing extensions are not working for the client any more.  The goal is to create an all new responsive site that allows the staff to add products and edit info at will.  The products sold have very specific, government mandated details.  This site will need to display all those specs and make sure that the site ranks highest for searches on these specific details.

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