Integrated Senior Living

"Can you dupe my wordpress site 40 times?" "Why, Joomla can manage all 40"

NOTE: The Stellar Print Networks ISL (Integrated Senior Living) site is behind a login. So you will not be able to browse their site. We have included a gallery of screenshots of the site.

Project Details

  • Joomla 2.5, K2,  and Kunena
  • This one Joomla site has 40 sections, one for each community.  
  • There is an advanced ACL (Access Control List) for the hundreds of community members which controls their access to the site and their proofs.
  • We tweaked a Forum component to act like a Proofing system for artwork.  
  • All images are linkable and have built in enlarged images that appear in pop-up windows.

Common Objectives

The goal was to create one site as a portal for 40 plus communites.  These communites would need to order their staionary and other marketing material throught site.  The community directors and Stellar Print Network staff would need to coordinate on custom designs thought a online proofing system.


We were able to control all the features for the users of this site with Joomla's build in Access Control (ACL) system.  Stellar's business is constantly growing with new communities being added ever few months.  The Joomla CMS is well suited for this expansion.  The menus, categories and articles can be duplicated and modified to work with the new community.  

Client Feedback

Thanks again for being diligent. Much appreciated! ~Nick Brunson, partner

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