The Railing Guy

Client about old site, "My neighbor designed it, but she doesn't return my calls"

Direct Link to: therailingguy

Project Details

  • Joomla 1.5 and K2
  • Professional Eye catching wide format image rotator.
  • Dynamic "Tag Cloud" of keywords on the site, shown as, most words in largest font.
  • Social Sharing
  • Full quality PDFs in pop up windows and available for download.

Common Objectives

Joe was a friend of a friend of a friend that had a friend tell him that I designed websites.  His business wasn't doing so hot, so I hesitated to talk about his budget to run a website.  He said he already had one but it was designed by his neighbor.  The problem was that even though she lived next door she always had a reason not to update the website.... and then she just stop returning is calls.  We were hired to redesign and manage his site to eliminate stress about his website so that he could focus on his business.


Joe has retired! :-) The site will live on, only in the modernamgic portfolio.

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