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K2 Edit Item Link missing on Rockettheme Gantry Templates

If you are using a Rockettheme template you may have noticed the the frontend K2 Edit Item link is not showing.  

If you ask for help on the rocketteme forum you will get the easy and direct solution, "Turn off "Build Titles Spans" in the advanced tab of yout template.  

Screen Shot 2012-03-29 at 9.19.21 PM

The problem with this is that you will lose the multi word css styling on many rockettheme templates.

After taking 4 maybe 5 seconds I could tell that the K2 Edit Item link is in the title class.  So I thought maybe if the K2 Edit Item link was somewhere else, than the "Build Titles Spans" might not have an affect on it.  Turns out that this is the solution.  Here is how you do it.

NOTE:  If you are not using K2 sub template overrides then the following php files will be located here:  /components/com_k2/templates/default

If you are, than they should be here:


  1. open the K2 "category_item.php" 
  2. search for the following code and cut it out:
    1. <?php if(isset($this->item->editLink)): ?>
      <!-- Item edit link -->
      <span class="catItemEditLink">
      <a class="modal" rel="{handler:'iframe',size:{x:990,y:550}}" href="/">
      <?php echo JText::_('K2_EDIT_ITEM'); ?>
      <?php endif; ?>

  3. Paste it just under "<!-- K2 Plugins: K2BeforeDisplay -->"
  4. repeat for the K2 "item.php"
  5. You can leave "Build Titles Spans" ON.
I can't believe how this question is plastered all over the k2 and rockettheme forums.  The solution was too easy.... so maybe it will mess something up.  If it does I will edit this post. :-)
Odin Mayland

Owner, designer, dreamer....


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