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Primo Craft

We got hired to "Upgrade from a Microsoft Frontpage site."  Yeah!  :-)

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2013 Project Details

  • Upgrade 2008 Joomla 1.5 site to Joomla 3

2008 Project Details

  • Joomla 1.5 and K2
  • Each product on the site can be "featured" in the home page slideshow, "tagged" as similar to other products, shared on social networks and commented on by potential customers.
  • All pages have SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLS and chocked-full of SEO.  
  • All images are linkable and have built in enlarged images that appear in pop-up windows.
  • All emails are storage for use with Primo Craft's newsletters and other marketing efforts. 


Common Objectives

Primocraft had a static site that was little more then a brochure.  They wanted an live, constantly changing, interactive website.  The features were to include a catalog of products, a blog, how to's, testimonials, and specialized sections like a "Man Cave Gallery".


The owner has expereinced the number of visitors to his site increase, phone calls and emails which in turn are leading to more sales.  

Client Feedback


Primo Craft's website originally was built in house. We used it for a couple years and realized it wasn't working like we had hoped. The design was not showing off the product as nice as it really was. That's were Modern Magic came in. They completely built a new site with a focus on design and keywords. Now we are answering 10 to 15 emails and talking to 5 to 10 people per day.

Everyone always tells us what a great looking site and how much info is on each page. We used to pay four times more for yellowpage adds every month alone. Now we are selling our products in all the united states.

Thanks again Odin for keeping Primo Craft current.

David Challman, owner
Odin Mayland

Owner, designer, dreamer....


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