eye in areas where “coders” often don’t

Odin Mayland and his team were pushing into uncharted territory with our venture's website functionality. Our platform is a new, complex idea for the Internet and modern magic has delivered beyond our expectations in speed, knowledge, creative execution and design elements.

One key aspect we truly appreciate is that Odin assured us of a personal investment he had to our team and site. This is because he cares about the customer experience, so he wanted to see us succeed. He is very accessible, often returning emails or phone calls sooner than 24 hours. If it takes him longer to flush out a problem, he is sure to communicate his plans and ensure that you are not left hanging. Again as mentioned, Odin is not only a great, dedicated and resourceful programer, but he is creative as well. Often times he would offer suggestions for improvements from a layout, visual or operational perspective. While we did have a clear vision of direction, look and user experience, if something wouldn’t work or might work better a different and more economic way, he is quick to point out options. Odin gives attention to the smallest details that help make the user experience smoother and better, even if the user never notices it.

It is wonderful to have the advantage of a talented and skilled professional who has an eye in areas where “coders” often don’t. His services are a very welcome change in a sea of people who can make something technically work, but not be a workable solution for a client due to the user experience suffering. Odin would often beat us to a solution before we could call it out. It is a great pleasure to continue our work with him.

~Jottopia Team
Chris Taylor

technical skill to make our vision happen

We contacted Odin to combine our Joomla site with our Shopify ecommerce site. Our host was discontinuing supporting Joomla so we needed to move quickly on migrating content to the Shopify site. It was a good experience, and Odin showed a good creative eye for design as well as the technical skill to make our vision happen. I feel confident in recommending ModernMagic for your website work and will definitely call them first when we need additional work done. 

~Jack Armstrong
President/CEO of Shark Fin Gear Company

very accommodating and responsive

Odin recently undertook an ongoing process of migrating a very old Dreamweaver website to a new Joomla CMS site for our 20+ year old automotive product line. Having him shepherd the process has helped ensure a relatively painless transition to a much-needed modern website, which provides a fresh face for the products.

Odin has been very accommodating and responsive, but more than that he helps us think through the customers' experience, product ordering workflows, email support, and many other aspects beyond basic coding of the site.

With the first orders routing through the new site, we have renewed energy to apply to our marketing and sales! And it should actually help reduce the amount of time we spend on the phone with customers repeating the same information over-and-over. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE helping customers, but...if we can help them to help themselves find the information they need, then we can focus on manufacturing quality, designing new products, AND keeping costs low for everyone!

~John Washington, owner ztrix.com

money well spent!

It was with much dread that I took on the responsibility for the redesign of our website. I knew it needed to be done, but having done a lot of my own self-inflicted website design I wasn't looking forward to the process.

I put a lot of work into the transition. However, thanks to Jeff Mayland at Modern Magic, the technical and design bits were a breeze. Jeff was ultra-responsive, and very helpful throughout the process...and I'm very pleased that we contracted with him for monthly maintenance, in addition to the redesign. It is money well spent! Updates are seamless and easy, and they bring our site to life.

I would highly recommend Modern Magic to anyone needing a fresh face on an old site, or a new site with new functionality.

Thank you, Odin!

~John Washington
Board Member, AZ Business Aviation Assn.

used to pay four times more

Primo Craft's website originally was built in house. We used it for a couple years and realized it wasn't working like we had hoped. The design was not showing off the product as nice as it really was. That's were Modern Magic came in. They completely built a new site with a focus on design and keywords. Now we are answering 10 to 15 emails and talking to 5 to 10 people per day.

Everyone always tells us what a great looking site and how much info is on each page. We used to pay four times more for yellowpage adds every month alone. Now we are selling our products in all the united states.

Thanks again Odin for keeping Primo Craft current. ~David Challman, owner

responsive and thorough

Odin has been responsive and thorough.  But what I like the most is that when you hire Modernmagic, you get not only someone with top computer know-how, you get a formally trained architect and experienced designer.  Combining his eye for style with his knowledge of the cyber world makes for successful business placement in the online arena.

Modernmagic is a go-to resource for anyone looking to promote themselves on the internet.
~Daniel Kaminsky, Attorney at Law

They're all pleased

We had a conference call with all the Regional Directors. They're all pleased with the layout, functionality, everything about it really. Just wanted to pass that along to you... credit where it's due. ~Nick at Stellar Print Network

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