eye in areas where “coders” often don’t

Odin Mayland and his team were pushing into uncharted territory with our venture's website functionality. Our platform is a new, complex idea for the Internet and modern magic has delivered beyond our expectations in speed, knowledge, creative execution and design elements.

One key aspect we truly appreciate is that Odin assured us of a personal investment he had to our team and site. This is because he cares about the customer experience, so he wanted to see us succeed. He is very accessible, often returning emails or phone calls sooner than 24 hours. If it takes him longer to flush out a problem, he is sure to communicate his plans and ensure that you are not left hanging. Again as mentioned, Odin is not only a great, dedicated and resourceful programer, but he is creative as well. Often times he would offer suggestions for improvements from a layout, visual or operational perspective. While we did have a clear vision of direction, look and user experience, if something wouldn’t work or might work better a different and more economic way, he is quick to point out options. Odin gives attention to the smallest details that help make the user experience smoother and better, even if the user never notices it.

It is wonderful to have the advantage of a talented and skilled professional who has an eye in areas where “coders” often don’t. His services are a very welcome change in a sea of people who can make something technically work, but not be a workable solution for a client due to the user experience suffering. Odin would often beat us to a solution before we could call it out. It is a great pleasure to continue our work with him.

~Jottopia Team
Chris Taylor
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