very accommodating and responsive

Odin recently undertook an ongoing process of migrating a very old Dreamweaver website to a new Joomla CMS site for our 20+ year old automotive product line. Having him shepherd the process has helped ensure a relatively painless transition to a much-needed modern website, which provides a fresh face for the products.

Odin has been very accommodating and responsive, but more than that he helps us think through the customers' experience, product ordering workflows, email support, and many other aspects beyond basic coding of the site.

With the first orders routing through the new site, we have renewed energy to apply to our marketing and sales! And it should actually help reduce the amount of time we spend on the phone with customers repeating the same information over-and-over. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE helping customers, but...if we can help them to help themselves find the information they need, then we can focus on manufacturing quality, designing new products, AND keeping costs low for everyone!

~John Washington, owner
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